The last website you'll ever need.

Get Online for Life with our exclusive, powerful managed website service.

Having a strong online presence for your small business has gone from powerful advantage to non-negotiable necessity.

We’re living in a new world. With everything that’s been happening recently, many businesses are struggling to transfer from the storefront to the digital realm.

Knowing that you need to get your business online is one thing, but actually being able to afford it is another.

  • Businesses are shrinking.
  • Customers are staying at home.
  • Sales are down.
  • Cash flow is tight.


What if there was a new way to get started online?

What if you could get a brand new website built for your business, with no upfront investment?

A website that:

  • brings in customers, sales and revenue.
  • allows sales 24/7.
  • grows with your business.
  • always stays up to date.
  • never takes up your precious time.
  • requires no payment upfront, no seriously!


It sounds too good to be true right? Just hear us out. There’s no tricks or catches here.

All we’re doing is offering a new type of service, that better suits the current business climate in New Zealand.

With us so far? Let’s check out some more details!

Truly unlimited web design edits.

  • Is your business adding a new online payment option?
  • Got some new pictures you need to add?
  • Need to add a new team member to your team page?
  • Want to refresh your about section?
  • Got a limited time promo to add to your site?

Most web agencies would quote you an hourly rate to get this stuff done.

Not us. We’ll get this done with zero additional cost. 

When we say full website management service, we mean it.

What you get with our website maintenance services:

Custom Website Design

There’s no copy and paste websites here! We’ll start you off right with a powerful new website tailored to suit your business’ unique needs.

Fast Website Hosting

A slow website is bad for you, and your business. Our hosting is based right here in New Zealand, giving you better speeds than internationally based servers.

Fine-Tuned Performance

We build your site with performance in mind. To do so, we make it as light as possible, so no unnecessary code or bloat. No problem. 

Clear Calls To Action

Every page on your site needs a call to action. Without it, your visitors will get bored and leave. We’ll make sure they go exactly where you want them to.

Unlimited Edits

Does one of your pages need a refresh? Are your pictures in need of an update? Do you want to add a new page to your site? We’ll get it done, with zero additional cost to you.

Regular Maintenance

There is a lot that can go wrong with a website. We’ll monitor your site to ensure that nothing breaks, and if it does, we’ll fix it. Fast.

Mobile-First Design

More people are accessing the internet on phones than on a desktop these days. So we design your site to look good on both. Which means it’ll show up perfectly on every device.

Always Secure

Unfortunately the reality of the internet is that people want to break into websites. Hackers and bots are everywhere. We make sure your site has the best defences. 

Automatic Backups

Whoops! Did you just change something your site and now it’s broken? No worries, we can restore it easily with your latest website backup. 

Never Out Of Style

Since you’re now online for life, you’ll never have to worry about your site being out of date. We’ll keep it looking fresh and relevant.

Affordable, worry-free website management. Finally.

VIP Customer Support

You’re always a simple text, email or call away from 1:1 support. No foreign call centres here.

NO Contracts

Don’t like the service you’re getting? You’re free to cancel anytime. We’ll even help you migrate to another web agency.

Website management services for
a changed world.

You’ll never think about your website again.

Because you won’t have to.

Online For Life Website

An all-in-one website management service.



Online For Life E-Commerce

An all-in-one website management service.



Frequently Asked Questions

And our most frequent answers

These two packages are essentially identical except for one key difference.

The Online for Life website management includes unlimited design edits and changes.

If you want a truly hands off service that ensures you’ll never another website headache again, then Online for Life might be a good fit for your business.

If that sounds like a bit too much for you, and you’d rather focus on the benefits that our powerful hosting and maintenance plan offers, then you should check out our Adapt Web Launch package over on the main page.

There’s a couple of reasons for that:

  1. Because of the unique offer of a $0 down website with no contracts or term requirements, we need to limit our risk by screening applicants.
  2. While they are definitely in the majority, the fact is, there are definitely those who would look to abuse this special offer. Screening applicants helps us ensure that we don’t have to worry about that. 

Yes! Hard to believe right?

We do, of course, reserve the right to determine when someone is abusing this. (For example if someone wants a brand new page built every day.)

However, we don’t anticipate this to be a problem!

It means that the initial website design itself is included in the Online for Life website management plan!

All you have to do is apply and, once approved, make the first payment of your plan. ($197 or $297 depending on the plan you choose.)

Once we receive all of the necessary content, we will get to work building your website!

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