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Announcement: Black Cat Tattoo has a new site!

Hi everyone, we’re stoked to finally be able to announce that we’ve revamped Black Cat Tattoo’s website! Black Cat Tattoo are a fantastic tattoo studio located in Kingsland, Auckland. Having had a basic website for a few years, they realised it was time to upgrade their site, and chose us to do the job!

We worked with the crew throughout the design process to create the site to meet their needs, and to look exactly the way they wanted it. They were great clients to work with, and we had a lot of fun designing their revamped site!

Now, a good website reveal wouldn’t be complete without a before and after, so here’s a sneak peek for you! To see the whole site, go over to

Old artists page

New artists page

After seeing their work first-hand, we can thoroughly recommend them if you’re looking for a new tattoo! They’re a great team and the studio has a great vibe, so check them out if you haven’t done so yet! Thanks to Siobhan and the whole team at the Black Cat Tattoo!

If your website is in need of a revamp, let us do it for you! We work with you to ensure it’s exactly what you want, so get in touch today! You can contact us here.


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